the best extra virgin olive oil

What is the best extra virgin olive oil?

No doubt you have wondered more than once which is the best extra virgin olive oil. We understand. If you value what you eat and your health, it's only natural that you want to get to know the EVOO par excellence so you can add it to your favourites.

It should however be taken into account that tastes are rather subjective. Each person may be attracted by a different taste, smell, or colour. But as with almost all things in life, there are parameters which determine the necessary factors for detecting the higher or lower quality of the matter in question.

This year (2021) Fuenquesada picual olive oil has won 4 gold medals in various international competitions. This makes us the best olive oil a little more.

The best olive oils are highly beneficial

There are differences between extra virgin olive oil, virgin olive oil, and simply olive oil depending on the processes by which it is obtained, produced, and preserved. However, to find out which is the best olive oil it is important to consider the properties of EVOO.

Among the benefits of extra virgin olive oil we can include its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties. In other words it is very good for our health. Moreover, it has more polyphenols and vitamin E than other olive oils.

In this case therefore we are no longer talking of the best olive oils according to opinions and assessments but from a totally objective perspective.

At any rate there are different varieties of olives which give rise to different types of olive oil. In our case we produce EVOO from picual olives by mechanical harvesting. Moreover, we gather the olives at night because:

  • This means the temperature of the olives is low and stable, which is ideal for extraction under cold conditions.
  • Fermentation is reduced thanks to the cooler temperatures and allows the fruit to be ground under ideal conditions.
  • This maintains intact its organoleptic properties, i.e. the sensory characteristics of the material: smell, taste, and colour.

If you had to choose the best olive oil, which would it be?

We have no doubt about it: Fuenquesada is the best olive oil. Not only because of its green olive characteristics which make it a high quality product. But also because it is capable of giving you a sensory experience and invoking the past and the present, the years of effort, of life, and of family.

Moreover, we make things easy for you: you can buy this picual olive oil online on our website. Enjoy!