Aceite verde o de cosecha temprana

Characteristics of the green or early harvest olive

The green or early harvest olive is a very high quality product which gives oil with different characteristics from that made from ripe olives.

What is green oil?

Green oil is becoming popular as one of the gourmet olive oils. This product is made from young or early harvest olives which are collected directly from the tops of the olive trees.

Characteristics of green oil

Green colour. As its most striking attribute suggests, it is an intense green in colour which is very similar to that of young olives on an olive tree branch. If it is kept under suitable conditions (free from oxygen, at a suitable temperature, and away from direct natural light), its colour will remain unchanged until it is tasted.

Have you ever wondered why blue glasses are used to sample oil? They are used to prevent the tasters from being carried away by its colour before they smell and taste the oil. In this way the colour does not influence their decision.

Fruity taste and aroma. One of the most outstanding characteristics of green olive oil is its profile of fruity touches. This oil is more intense with generous aromas and is spicy and bitter. If it is correctly extracted (we use only mechanical extraction) its tastes and smells are spectacular.

For gourmet palates. Green oil is a preparation which is already traditional although the general public is often unfamiliar with it. This product is very suitable for special occasions, for tasting on its own, and for palates seeking premium oil. In general the majority of the oils awarded prizes in competitions are of this type. Fuenquesada has already received 4 prizes at these competitions.

Slightly higher price. Did you know that double or triple the amount of young olives are needed to extract the same amount of oil? This evidently involves higher costs and a much more limited production. It is thus logical that the buyer must be willing to pay a little more than the price of an extra virgin olive oil which is also of high quality.

Collection and bottling. This depends on the year but young olives are generally collected in October and November.

Would you like to try a type of green oil that will not leave you indifferent? Fuenquesada is picual extra virgin olive oil made from first harvest olives. It is born in the heart of the province of Jaén and has travelled the world to become oil which has won prizes.