Olive oil from Jaén: Fuenquesada

Olive oil from Jaén: history, characteristics, and tradition

The olive oil from Jaén is famous the world over for its history, its properties, and the way of life it reflects. Discover it with Fuenquesada.

The history of oil from Jaén

The province of Jaén has been linked to the cultivation of olive groves for thousands of years. The Phoenicians, the Greeks, the Romans, and the Arabs left their mark on this land and transmitted the value and the richness of a raw material and a product unique in the world.

From generation to generation the knowledge and the traditions of the cultivation of olive groves have been proudly passed down. These factors have been crucial in making Jaén the region with the highest production of olive oil in the world.

The tradition of olive oil and the cultivation of olive groves in Jaén

The cultivation of olive groves and the production of olive oil are the main economic activities of the province. To speak of Jaén both historically and nowadays is to speak of top quality olive oil, of the green of its olive groves (which many call a "sea of olive trees"), and of a region in which oil is an integral part of its culture and traditions.

Jaén has over 60 million olive trees and they are all owned by somebody. The oil from Jaén accounts for some 40% of Spanish production and 20-25% of world production; the second most important oil producing country is Italy.

Characteristics of olive oil from Jaén

Most of the oil from Jaén is of the picual variety (like Fuenquesada, an extra virgin olive oil with a strong personality) and has special sensory characteristics; it is long lasting and highly resistant to temperature. This variety accounts for 95% of production but is not always marketed in a pure unmixed state. The remainder of the production is that of the royal and arbequina varieties.

There are more and more brands of oil currently on the market and among them small producers such as ourselves; we have our own online store for extra virgin olive oil. There is no doubt that this is good news for those seeking a premium or gourmet olive oil with great richness and its own special qualities.

Fuenquesada originates from Las Fuentezuelas in the province of Jaén and is oil taken from picual olives from centenary olive trees. When you buy it you are taking home a limited edition olive oil from Jaén which is gathered at night by a family business.