‘Las Fuentezuelas’, our place

A country estate with olive groves

Northwest of Jaen City, Las Fuentezuelas is in a fertile area, peppered with abundant springs and streams across the estate. The main building has been known as ‘La Caseria’, or ‘La Caseria de la Condesa’ [the Countess Manor] for generations. The most characteristic feature is a large atrium scattered with several pillars, creating an extensive pergola, allowing the softening of the intense sun from the South.

Orchards dominated most of this southern landscape well into the nineteenth century, and these were gradually replaced by the olive groves as we know them nowadays. Since 1900, the farm has belonged to our family, and as of today, the type of olive grown has been exclusively the ‘Picual’ type (see more in this link).

The ongoing generation of the family is committed to preserve and enhance our tradition; being confident we have an excellent quality product in our hands. For this, we have invested in combining tradition and innovation, making of this centenary olive grove a sustainable and environmentally friendly harvest. Even more, we have also incorporated the best and latest technology, integrating irrigation and fertigation, together with the most ancient techniques of pruning. For example, when removing small branches or tasks of clearing, making of all this an effort to optimise the conditions created for obtaining the excellent fruit of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

With all improvements and careful elaboration in place, we aim to join Spanish producers working hard on placing Extra Virgin Olive Oil as one of the highest luxury products of international gastronomy. Thus, we all are prioritising quality over quantity for the sake of excellence.