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You are in the presence of Fuenquesada, the premium extra virgin olive oil from Jaén. Our “liquid gold” comes from olives of the picual variety taken from the tops of the olive trees. This rigorous selection, together with the early harvesting by night of the olives, ensures us a product of the highest quality where fermentation or the degradation of the soil does not occur.

For this Limited Edition of our Fuenquesada EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) we have selected the best fruit on our estate for very early harvesting. This allows us to obtain a unique product of very high quality, which is the Maximum Expression of an EVOO.

We have harvested exclusively olives of the picual variety from the tops of the trees at night to prevent the high temperatures having a negative influence on the optimum condition of the fruit on the way to the factory. Finally, the daily process of grinding and filtering is completed as quickly as possible within 4 hours after the harvesting of the olives.

There is no doubt that the process of obtaining an outstanding gourmet olive oil is complex and painstaking. A good picual extra virgin olive oil such as Fuenquesada says a lot. The aromas and the nuances on the palate and its fine colour speak for themselves.

You will find below the tasting notes together with basic information on the production of Fuenquesada. You can purchase our extra virgin olive oil from the comfort of your own home and share this sensory journey with whoever you choose.


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