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In this first Limited Edition, we have selected the best fruits from our olive groves. A process executed through very early harvesting, allowing a unique and very high-quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil. For achieving this, our harvest is conducted exclusively from olives from the top of our trees, and at night, thereby, preventing high temperatures from negatively impacting the optimal condition of the fruit until its arrival to the factory. Finally, the daily process of grinding and filtering is completed in the shortest period possible and within less than 4 hours from the harvesting of the olives.


Country Estate: Las Fuentezuelas

Production Area: Jaen (Andalusia)
Type of Olive: 100% Picual
Quality: Premium EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)
Harvest Period: 9-10 October 2019
Harvest Method: Mechanical
Oil Extraction Method: Maximum 4 hours from harvest.
Storage: Bottled and Inertized after filtering.

Colour: Intense Green

Sensorial Profile: Characterized by its olfactory- tasting complexity, highlighting high-mid intensities in positive EVOO attributes, typical of a very early harvesting process. Nutty flavours, special note to walnut and acorn, tomato plant, banana peel and almond, with little astringency but with a bitter and spicy very balanced and elegant, which gives a light sweet taste. This makes the EVOO to cause an explosion of sensory olfactory-taste sensations once in mouth, highlighting the menthol and black pepper feel.

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