Aceitunas de variedad picual para la elaboración de Fuenquesada, un aceite de oliva virgen extra de edición limitada

What are the characteristics of 100% picual olive oil?

Pure picual olive oil has exceptional properties and features. We invite you to discover them at first hand and to get to know more about Fuenquesada, our 100% picual extra virgin olive oil.

The picual olive variety is one of the most frequently cultivated in Spain. Indeed, in Jaén where our estate is located it accounts for some 90% of the olive trees planted. Its production is entirely devoted to the manufacture of oil as it is one of the most suitable varieties. The main physical feature of this olive, which gives it its name in Spanish, is that it ends in a point or pico.

Characteristics of pure picual oil

  • A green colour verging on yellow. The picual olive is a very early variety and this gives its oil a very unusual shade.
  • Aroma and taste rich in nuances. According to the time when the olives are harvested and the process in itself, the taste and olfactory perception will vary. In general however the oil has a slightly spicy taste and a hint of bitterness together with certain fruity touches. Clearly there are a world of nuances and outstanding perceptions in each different olive oil which makes it unique.
  • High proportion of oleic acid. It is estimated that 80% of its content is oleic acid; this is a higher proportion than that found in other oils. There is no doubt that this is an essential aspect which makes it one of the best olive oils to include in a healthy diet as this substance allows us to avoid high cholesterol. 
  • Excellent preservation. This is one of the most stable and oxidation-resistant oils that can be found. A larger order for domestic use can therefore be placed with full peace of mind so as to dress salads, cook, serve at breakfast, and use as a basis for snacks and tapas.
  • Sustainable. In terms of the use made of the olives, picual olive oil is among the most efficient. Some 27% of the olive by weight is turned into oil. Moreover, as the picual olive tree is a strong and resistant variety its presence all over Spain continues to increase.
Fuenquesada, aceite de oliva virgen extra picual de edición limitada

However, every pure picual olive oil is different. If you still haven't tried any we encourage you to do so. So that you can get used to the idea, we leave you the tasting notes of our limited edition picual olive oil, Fuenquesada.