Cosecha 23


Fuenquesada has always aspired to be the ultimate expression of extra virgin olive oil. We are aware that this is an ambitious goal, but the effort is worthwhile, there is no doubt. Because even more important than the goals themselves is the journey undertaken in their pursuit. Or the motivation that drives them.

The Quesada family and the olive tree, a brotherhood of over a century

The Quesada family, owners of the Las Fuentezuelas estate for over a century, home to the centennial picual olive trees from which the exclusive extra virgin Fuenquesada comes from, has been settled in these lands of Jaén since the beginning of the 18th century. Throughout all this time, an unbreakable bond has been forged between the family and the olive tree. A brotherhood, the result of decades of hard work in the olive grove, that the current members of the Quesada family want to keep alive as a just recognition to our ancestors.

Fuenquesada was born so that the family's olive legacy would endure. And having achieved this, fills us with deep pride. The 23rd, the new harvest of Fuenquesada extra virgin that now sees the light, is a new milestone in this journey that connects the past, present, and future of this proud olive-growing family. Proud to have succeeded in crafting an extra virgin of extraordinary quality, as evidenced by the various international awards it has received in recent years.

Extra virgin limited edition

As if it was a musical score, everything is carefully planned and measured in the process of producing Fuenquesada extra virgin.

The olives—exclusively of the picual variety—are harvested at night from the tops of the centennial olive trees of the Las Fuentezuelas estate during the months of October and November. The harvest of this year—number 23rd—took place during the nights of October 17 and 18. This night and early harvest produces an extra virgin with an exciting and intense green color and a deep, balanced flavor full of nuances.

The milling of the fruits for juice extraction is done immediately after harvesting, ensuring supreme freshness. Once filtered, it is bottled and stored at a controlled temperature between 16 and 20 degrees Celsius.

Our harvests are limited, and we want them to remain so. Their artisanal essence imparts a passionate personality to our extra virgin.

A universe of sensations

The intense, radiant green of the 23rd immediately catches the eye. Its organoleptic properties exude elegance and freshness.

On the palate, the 23rd unfolds a symphony of nuances. Starting from an initial medium fruity with herbal notes and a touch of olive leaf, aromatic herbs, artichoke, green apple, green almonds, and tomato plant begin to appear. First sweet, then slightly bitter, and finally, a subtle spiciness emerges.

Elegant inside and out

This harvest of Fuenquesada extra virgin olive oil—the 23—is presented in two different formats that can be acquired in various combinations.

The star format of this harvest is the 500 ml bottle in a canister. In each of these canisters, there is a unique piece, a memento of a unique harvest—each one is unique—inspired by the artist Fátima Moreno.

Soul of an artist

At the olive grove, the artist summons abstract landscapes, transforming the collector's cloak into a canvas. From this moving artistic action, 2000 unique pieces have materialized, each included in every one of the 2000 canisters in which the 500 ml bottles of the 23rd Fuenquesada harvest are packaged.

You can also acquire Fuenquesada extra virgin in a box of 6 bottles of 500 ml. And this year, as a novelty, we introduce the 250 ml bottle format, which can be purchased in boxes of three or six.