green extra virgin olive oil

Do you prefer golden or green extra virgin olive oil?

We may be used to seeing olive oil of a golden colour and when we notice green extra virgin olive oil our attention is drawn. But what is this tone due to?

In fact the colour of the oil is not an exact indicator of quality but rather of the olive variety with which the olive oil has been made and its stage of ripening and also of the process that has been followed for its production. For example, a picual olive oil tends to be greener than that made from the hojiblanca variety.

One of the main reasons for the green colour of extra virgin olive oil is the lesser or greater amount of natural pigments it contains, in this case chlorophylls. On the other hand, carotenoids are those responsible for golden tones. We can obtain green oil when we work with olives harvested early as this is when the chlorophylls predominate.

Learn to distinguish green extra virgin olive oil

However, when we speak of a green EVOO we are referring to its fruitiness and taste with its spicy and bitter nuances together with its enhanced intensity and aroma. But how can we recognise an extra virgin olive oil? By tasting it.

Have you ever observed an EVOO taster? Tasters use blue glasses so that the colour of the oil cannot be seen; in this way they will not know whether the extra virgin olive oil is green or golden and thus not be influenced by the tone.

The only evidence that we have is that the oil extracted from young olives has very different nuances which make it a gourmet olive oil. On tasting it you are transported to a place where the predominate smells and tastes recall other fruits such as bananas, almonds, tomatoes, fresh grass…

All these attributes combine to give us the best extra virgin olive oil possible and make it premium EVOO.

When it is a case of selecting quality products we tend to choose what we consider to be the most exquisite for our palate, as is the case with green extra virgin olive oil. If you believe that it is unattainable for you, think again, because now you can buy olive oil online; Fuenquesada, a green EVOO.