recognize extra virgin olive oil

How can we identify an extra virgin olive oil?

In contrast to refined olive oils, extra virgin olive oil has valuable properties. It is not only ideal for seasoning dishes but is also highly beneficial to health.

But how can we distinguish an EVOO from other olive oils? Pay attention because we will give you the keys to allow you to choose the best extra virgin olive oil.

Advice to help you recognise EVOO

  • Extra virgin olive oil is extracted by the traditional method: the olives are crushed to obtain their juice. If this method is not used the olive oil cannot be considered to be virgin.
  • The acidity of an olive oil indicates the percentage of free fatty acids it contains; an EVOO cannot have an acidity which is greater than 0.8 %.
  • The smell of extra virgin olive oil. Pour it into a small round glass; pick up the glass with one hand and cover the surface with the other. Move it in a circular fashion, uncover the glass, and breathe in deeply. It should have a fresh smell of grass, fruit, or vegetables.
  • Continue investigating the oil and sample it. Take a sip, but don't swallow it yet. Open your lips slightly and clench your teeth, then inhale a little air and shake the oil around your mouth before swallowing it. If it is an extra virgin olive oil you will be impregnated by many tastes of fruits and vegetables; when you swallow it you will notice a spicy or bitter sensation at the back of your mouth.

Choose the best olive oil: pure taste and healthier

Now that you can identify an extra virgin olive oil, you should also know that you will not find a good extra virgin olive oil in a supermarket at a very cheap price. So don't look for economy, look for quality, because if you buy with economising in mind you will miss out on the quality of an EVOO.

If you want to buy an extra virgin olive oil online you can do so on the Fuenquesada website. Find out for yourself that this EVOO fulfils the requirements of being the best extra virgin olive oil. Don't take our word for it; this is confirmed by the Gold Medals which our 2021 EVOO harvest has been awarded.