aceite premiado Fuenquesada

Fuenquesada wins 4 GOLD medals in international competitions

Gold Award in Athena International Olive Oil Competition 2021
Gold Award in London International Olive Oil Competitions 2021
Gold Award in New York International Olive Oil Competition 2021
Gold Award in OliveJapan International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition 2021

We've done it again! After last year's success, this year (2021) we decided to enter again the New York International Olive Oil Competition (NYIOOC). And… we are delighted!

For the second consecutive year we have been awarded the Gold Medal for single-variety (picual) extra virgin olive oil. The panel therefore classified our picual oil as one of the best, a top-quality extra virgin olive oil with a robust intensity.

Since 2013 expert tasters from all over the world have been meeting at this competition to assess olive oil quality. It has gradually become one of the most prestigious events of its kind, to such an extent that its list of winners is consulted as an annual authorised guide to the best extra virgin olive oils.

Although we already had faith in our product, it is a great privilege to appear on the list and to obtain world recognition as a top-quality extra virgin olive oil. Here you can find the product details of the Fuenquesada picual oil which was the winner.

Our extra virgin olive oil earns international recognition

But we have more news, because we are having a double celebration. This year 2021 we have also won the Gold Medal of the Olive Japan International Competition as we did in 2020.

This competition has recorded the highest number of participants since 2012. This year over 800 olive oils from 27 countries were assessed. This event awards prizes for the best olive oils of the edition, gold medals, and silver medals.

Moreover, all the gold medal winners and the best olive oils of the edition will appear in the official Olive Japan book which will be published in July 2021. A photo of Fuenquesada olive oil will therefore appear in this book!

As if this were not enough we close this year with two more GOLD medals.

The sixth Athenea IOOC competition was held in Lesbos in 2021. Our Fuenquesada extra virgin olive oil was awarded the gold medal with a score of over 85 points out of 100.

In the 2021 London IOOC competition 2021 our picual olive oil also obtained the gold medal in the 2021 Quality prizes category. Olive oil producers from all over the world submitted their entries of different varieties of extra virgin olive oil for this category.

We are proud to be able to show everyone how exquisite a top-quality olive oil can be and that our product is recognised by expert olive oil tasters. It is a great time to enjoy a fine extra virgin olive oil.

It travels from Las Fuentezuelas in the Spanish province of Jaén to anywhere in the world, because our extra virgin olive oil continues to enjoy international recognition. Take home #GoldFuenquesada this year 2021. Buy it at our online store and delight in the aromas of pleasure.