types of olive oil

Get to know the existing types of olive oil

When we think of the types of olive oil many of us may feel confused. Today we will tell you about the differences when they are classified in families.

Virgin olive oil obtained by mechanical processes

This olive oil type is the most natural. It is obtained without using any chemical products, simply by squeezing the fruit. Virgin olive oil is produced in oil mills and there are three types according to quality (from higher to lower):

  • Extra virgin olive oil: it has an acidity of less than 0.8º and an exquisite taste and aroma. Indeed tasting is necessary to classify EVOO as no laboratory instrument is capable of measuring it.
  • Virgin olive oil: it is of lower quality than the previous type and may have up to two degrees of acidity and minor defects of smell and taste.
  • Lampante virgin olive oil: it has an acidity of more than two degrees and its aroma and taste are not good. This oil is not suitable for consumption and needs to be refined.

Olive oil extracted by chemical means

The remains to be found in the oil mills after the extraction of virgin olive oil are known as alperujo and contain olive oil inside. This oil is extracted in the orujeras installations by means of chemical processes with solvents and is known as olive-pomace oil. It is unsuitable for marketing and needs to be refined.

Refined olive oils

This oil type is obtained after the process of the refining of lampante virgin olive oils and olive-pomace oils, as both these olive oil types need refining owing to their unpleasant smell and taste.

The following are obtained as a result:

  • Refined olive oil. It cannot be marketed for the end consumer. It comes from the process of the refining of lampante virgin olive oil and is colourless, odourless, and insipid.
  • Refined olive-pomace oil. It is obtained from olive-pomace oil; likewise it has no smell, colour, or taste and cannot be sold to the end consumer.

Now that you know the different olive oil types, get to know the olive oil varieties according to the olives harvested. And now our advice: buy good EVOO for cooking. Which? Fuenquesada extra virgin olive oil.