to buy olive oil online

Is it a good idea to buy olive oil online?

If you wish to buy top quality olive oil online, you can go straight to the Fuenquesada product specifications or visit our store with its various formats.

Nowadays buying olive oil online has become common practice. If we buy almost any product we need in this way without giving it a second thought, why should extra virgin olive oil be any different?

Advantages of buying olive oil online

  • You can choose from a wide variety of olive oils.
    When you buy online you can look at products for hours. No doubt you will find it harder to choose than in a physical store, but you can narrow down your search considerably. Perhaps you seek an olive oil from Jaén or a green or picual olive oil because you have heard of the great taste of this product. You may even be looking for an olive oil with these three attributes, such as Fuenquesada.
  • You have the chance to try unique products which are a long way away. When you buy olive oil on the Internet it is like travelling because you take home a taste from a specific district as you would do on a leisure break.
  • You can discover many more tastes than those available in your regular supermarket. This is a real luxury when you value select products and want to surprise your guests with a special meal or to give yourself a treat, why not?
  • It's so convenient. You decide when and where to search for olive oil online. There is no need for fitting in with fixed opening hours or going to a physical store. It's as simple as ordering it and having it arrive in your own home or workplace within a few days.

Fuenquesada, our picual extra virgin olive oil, can be purchased both online and at a physical store. If the advantages of buying olive oil online do not fully convince you, check out the physical points of sale where you can find it (for the moment only in Spain). But you can order it from anywhere in the world. Use the form to write to us so we can look at the details together.

In any case you will be interested in seeing the tasting notes to give you an idea of the tastes and nuances of our upmarket olive oil. Moreover, it comes in a beautifully produced case which makes it the ideal presentation for a gift.