cook with olive oil

Our advice: always cook with olive oil

Although we have mentioned it more than once, if you cook with olive oil you will not only be healthier but will also enhance the taste of your creations.

Extra virgin olive oil is the oil most frequently used for dressing salads, preparing sauces and vinaigrettes, or even consuming raw. There is no doubt that its taste and its aroma make it an ideal complement to any other gourmet product.

The consumption of fats is essential if our bodies are to work properly. We must however make wise choices as to which are the healthiest: monounsaturated, which are those which predominate in extra virgin olive oil.

It is true that there is a debate about the use of EVOO. Because of this, if the idea is to cook with olive oil and not consume it raw you should take certain factors into account so as not to lose the properties of gourmet olive oil.

What to take into account if you cook with olive oil

EVOO is very beneficial to health: it helps us to prevent certain diseases, has anti-inflammatory properties, and is good for the digestive system among other advantages. For this reason cooking with olive oil is a benchmark for many and not only when it is consumed raw.

Even fried food will be healthier than if it is fried in other oils such as sunflower oil, as the natural antioxidants of EVOO limit the oxidative degradation of the oil when it is exposed to high temperatures.

Follow this advice to enjoy cooking with EVOO

  • Bear in mind that oil should be EVOO as there are certain differences between virgin and extra virgin olive oil.
  • Do not subject the oil to sudden changes of temperature during cooking.
  • It is important not to allow the oil to smoke as this would mean that we are burning it and it would lose its aroma, taste, and properties.
  • You can use it more than once without it losing its properties (four or five times) provided that the remains are disposed of after use.
  • Extra virgin olive oil is ideal for preparing baked dishes and cooking at low temperatures.

If you choose to cook with extra virgin olive oil you will make the food tastier, but always use it in moderation. If you want to buy EVOO and try a first-class oil from Jaén, Fuenquesada is the best olive oil for cooking.