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3 tapas ideas with olive oil to be taken raw

Olive oil to be taken raw is a great ally when you are preparing tapas at home. Let us give you some ideas so that you can make a good impression.

It is often unnecessary to spend all the afternoon in the kitchen to prepare magnificent appetisers. There is no doubt that the secret also lies in having a good selection of products which must include a premium olive oil.

One of the greatest advantages of buying a gourmet olive oil such as Fuenquesada is its great versatility in the kitchen. As it is an oil to be taken raw we can experiment with new possibilities, combinations, and tastes for preparing the appetisers which we enjoy so much.

Here is some advice for coming up with tasty appetisers with a good extra virgin olive oil as a base:

  1. Serve the oil as an appetiser in itself. An upmarket olive oil is well worth trying to whet your appetite. If you have different varieties of gourmet olive oil you can even hold a small testing session. Don't forget the grissini or bread between one olive oil and another. They will help you to clean your palate so that you are ready to appreciate the remainder of the tastes.
  2. Give a more premium touch to your preserves with an olive oil you can take raw. Bonito or anchovies of very high quality taste better still with the characteristic touch of an intense olive oil. You can drain the oil they come in and replace it with plenty of the olive oil to be taken raw you have at home. You will love it and so will your guests!
  3. Liven up your toasts with plenty of a good extra virgin olive oil. It's technically impossible to go wrong! Olive oil marks the difference between an acceptable toast and a really tasty one. And the best of all is that the list of possibilities is endless: smoked cod, ham, salted tuna, anchovies, salmorejo, smoked salmon…

What about it? Don't you just feel like making for the kitchen and turning out some great appetisers? But wait; have you got a gourmet olive oil to surprise your guests? We invite you to get to know Fuenquesada, our upmarket picual olive oil, which is perfect for taking raw and enjoying in company.