Buying good extra virgin olive oil Spain Jaén

Keys to buy good extra virgin olive oil

92.3% of Spanish people cannot imagine a world without olive oil. As we are such enthusiastic consumers, let us give you some keys to buy good extra virgin olive oil.

In Spain olive oil is a basic ingredient of our cooking. We even throw up our hands in horror when in other countries they are obliged to use butter and margarine for cooking.

Therefore we usually buy olive oil quite regularly and if we can afford it we add to it the surname which suits it best: extra virgin. However, even the most experienced buyers may have doubts when choosing between different oils for their shopping baskets.

Let us make it easy for you and give you some simple rules for a master selection of extra virgin olive oil.

5 keys to buying extra virgin olive oil

  1. The origin. The provinces of Jaén, Córdoba, and Seville have a long history linked to top quality olive oil. This should be taken into account when selecting an olive oil.
  2. The production process. Some oils are prepared with loving care and dedication. For example, picking the olives at night and only from the tops of the olive trees guarantees that the oil will only reflect the tastes and the aroma of the fruit.
  3. The tasting notes. We cannot always try the extra virgin olive oil before buying, either because it is not possible to taste it at its point of sale or because we buy it online.
  4. The colour. The experts tell us that the colour of a good olive oil varies between deep green and straw yellow.
  5. Quality is better than quantity. Quality extra virgin olive oil is more expensive and this is also true of the type of container. Opaque glass bottles give it increased protection against the light. It is always more sensible to buy a single high quality oil which we can use for any kind of preparation. This will allow us to save time, space, and money.

Would you like to find all this in an extra virgin olive oil? Fuenquesada is a 100% picual extra virgin olive oil from Jaén which is made from olives gathered early and at night only from the tops of the trees. Find out more about it.