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Gourmet products typical of each culture: EVOO from Jaén

Nowadays gourmet products are very much in vogue; examples can be found in Mediterranean, Japanese, Thai, and Mexican cuisine. These international foods, such as olive oil, are becoming more and more accessible as they can be purchased online.

It is this search for products with well-defined characteristics which allow our palates to appreciate their taste.

4 gourmet products which are setting a trend

Many people are interested in tasting these premium products, but not all of them are easy to obtain.

  • White truffles. These are considered to be true treasures of the wild and can be found in Italy in the Piedmont region. The best restaurants compete each year to acquire samples of this product to include it in their dishes.
  • Kobe beef. It is famous for its taste, texture, and tenderness; it comes from castrated bulls of the black Japanese breed which have been reared following very strict quality criteria.
  • Beluga caviar. This very scarce gourmet product is obtained from the beluga sturgeon which was on the brink of extinction.
  • Extra virgin olive oil. The quality of this product and the care with which it is produced makes EVOO a gourmet food to satisfy the most demanding palates.

Using a gourmet product such as extra virgin olive oil is an ideal option for making a simple dish into an exquisite creation. Compared with other possibilities on the market, EVOO is beneficial to health; this means that although it is more expensive we know that it is a premium product of proven quality.

Gourmet olive oil is an essential food in all kitchens whether in restaurants or at home. Cooking with EVOO makes the difference between a standard meal and a dish full of flavour you are sure to enjoy.

The sale of premium products online is increasing

The digital world has reached all possible places and sectors and includes the online sale of olive oil. Moreover, demand for it has increased considerably in common with that for other gourmet products such as wine or cheese. We are more and more aware of the value of food and prefer quality to quantity.

This is why we invest to deliver Jaén olive oil to your home from our Fuenquesada online store.