Do you know all the benefits of olive oil?

If the Mediterranean diet is considered to be one of the healthiest, there must be a reason for it. This is that cooking with olive oil not only seasons your dishes but is also highly beneficial to health.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil in particular has beneficial properties which your body should make the most of. Yes, there are differences between virgin and extra virgin olive oil, but today we'll tell you about the advantages of the latter.

Such is Fuenquesada Extra Virgin Olive Oil and its benefits

  • It helps you to lose weight in a healthy way because Extra Virgin Olive Oil contains healthy fats. A diet rich in this oil can encourage slimming provided that you control what you eat and your calorie intake.
  • It prevents certain diseases. Olive oil is not only very healthy; it also lowers the risk of suffering from certain kinds of cancer. This effect is related to its high oleic acid content, i.e. that of the fatty acid which predominates in Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties and is good for your digestive system. Olive oil reduces gastric acidity, encourages the absorption of nutrients, and stimulates intestinal passage, which means it also helps to relieve gastritis.
  • It is a good ally against type II diabetes. Thanks to its content in healthy fats it helps to regulate sugar levels and the production of insulin. A study in the Diabetes Journal revealed that following a Mediterranean diet with olive oil reduces the risk of developing type II diabetes.
  • It improves the immunological system. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is rich in antioxidants, components which encourage the activity of the immunological system and thus help to prevent disease.
  • It is good for the cardiovascular system. Extra virgin olive oil has a beneficial effect on circulation and cholesterol. Many tests have revealed that this oil prevents pathologies related to cardiovascular disease such as heart attacks and brain damage.

As you can see extra virgin olive oil gives many health benefits. But it should always be consumed in moderation, with good sense, and with prevention.

Enjoy a healthy lifestyle based on the Mediterranean diet and fall in love with the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Fuenquesada.