Jaén olive oil sent to your home

From the tree to your kitchen: Jaén olive oil sent to your home with Fuenquesada

You won't find good extra virgin olive oil in your local supermarket. It is generally purchased at specific gourmet stores where quality is highly valued or at the online store for the product. Yes, you can have Jaén olive oil sent to your home with the click of a mouse.

Olive oil from Jaén is acknowledged almost anywhere in the world. Its great popularity and tradition are due to the fact that this province has the highest production of extra virgin olive oil in the world.

If you have ever been in this part of Spain you will know how many olive trees can be found everywhere. Instead of a wide ocean of water you can enjoy a genuine sea of olive groves. Jaén has over 60 million olive trees the length and breadth of the province.

It is not surprising that this sea of olive trees is a Spanish candidate for a World Heritage Asset of the UNESCO under the denomination of Olive Tree Cultural Landscape and World Heritage Asset. This proposal will be voted on in 2023 to give you one more reason for visiting Jaén.

Try our Jaén olive oil of the picual variety in your own home

The estate of Las Fuentezuelas is situated north-west of the town of Jaén and is exclusively devoted to cultivating picual olive trees. Moreover, as quality is given priority over quantity we use only perfect fruits to make gourmet olive oil.

Not all EVOOs from Jaén are the same. Despite the fact that most of the production is of picual olive oil, the special features of the lands where the olive trees are grown create different characteristics in the oil. These differences include the intensity, the bitterness, the spiciness, the fruitiness, the various nuances of taste on sampling…

Although visiting Jaén and enjoying its olive trees and its gastronomy is a must, if you can't come to this province, see the landscape, and fall in love with quality extra virgin olive oil we can bring you a little closer to our homeland. Buy your EVOO online and enjoy Jaén olive oil sent to your home with Fuenquesada.