Fuenquesada is a prizewinning olive oil through and through.

Fuenquesada wins 4 new international prizes

Once again we have shown what we are made of! Our picual oil Fuenquesada has been awarded four prizes in international competitions.

Fuenquesada is a prizewinning olive oil through and through. It was awarded the Gold Medal at Olive Japan and Silver Medals at the Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition and the London International Olive Oil Competition. As a result the 2020 Gold Medal which we won with our picual extra virgin olive oil at the New York International Olive Oil Competition no longer stands alone.

Gold Medal at 2020 Olive Japan

At the 2020 edition of Olive Japan 700 extra virgin olive oils from 23 countries were judged. This competition acknowledges the best oils with its gold and silver medals. It does not award bronze, double gold, or double silver medals. The contest also assesses separately those oils containing some kind of infusion.

The list of the winners can be accessed on its website in Excel format.

Silver Medal at the 2020 Los Angeles International EVOO Competition

This competition is in its 21st edition and one of the most prestigious olive oil quality contests in the United States. Each year in its capacity of one of the most specialised competitions of its kind it announces the best extra virgin olive oils in the world.

Silver Medal at the 2020 London IOOC

The London IOOC is the oldest olive oil contest in Europe. It is a special competition because it not only values quality (it was our participation in this sense which gave us the gold medal) but also the categories of the healthy properties of the oil, design, and oils containing infusions. Here is the Fuenquesada index card among the prizewinners.

And the first of all, the Gold Medal at the 2020 NYIOOC

We received this award in May 2020 in recognition of our Premium oil at an international level. For the first time in history this competition in which experts from all over the world assess the quality of olive oils was not held at a physical venue. You can read all about it here.

If we were already more than happy with the recognition of the NYIOOC, these new prizes have left us speechless. Fuenquesada is one of the best extra virgin picual oils in the world. Haven't you tried it yet?