Fuenquesada has made it to the annual authorised guide of the best extra virgin olive oils.

Fuenquesada wins the Gold Medal at the NYIOOC

Our extra virgin olive oil from the picual olive variety, Fuenquesada, took the Gold Medal at the 2020 edition of the New York International Olive Oil Competition (NYIOOC).

We are absolutely delighted! This is the first time that we have presented Fuenquesada at the most prestigious olive oil competition in the world and the result was incredible. Our oil has made it to the annual authorised guide of the best extra virgin olive oils.

"Our commitment to the preservation of our name and the improvement of our tradition has been boosted to its highest level of energy by the Gold Medal. The recognition of this prestigious independent extra virgin olive oil competition has fulfilled our family's highest aspirations".

Félix González Quesada, the joint owner of Fuenquesada.

Fuenquesada was presented as an extra virgin olive oil from a single variety (picual), in which category it obtained the Gold Medal. The panel of judges classified it as a high-quality oil of average intensity.

Fuenquesada originates in the Sierra de Jaén and is produced only from olives of the picual variety collected early and by night (only from the tops of the olive trees). The harvesting, grinding, and packaging was carried out in two days (9th and 10th October 2019). The oil is made by using only mechanical processes and traditional harvesting methods.

"The climate was a challenge. By combining tradition and innovation in the use of modern irrigation and fertirrigation together with traditional techniques, we overcome any possible effect on the quality of the product. Very early harvesting means high temperatures during the day (30ºC or 86ºF). Harvesting is therefore done at night to avoid a negative effect on the fruit".

González Quesada.

How was the 2020 edition of the NYIOCC?

For the first time in the 2020 edition of the NYIOCC the panel was not able to meet and had to cast its votes from home. Each member of the panel received a sample of the different oils taking part in his/her place of residence to be able to assess them. It should not be forgotten that the experts who assess the oils presented at each edition come from all over the world, which means that excellent coordination was necessary.

This competition has been bringing together expert tasters from all over the world to assess olive oil quality since 2013. Over these seven years it has become the most prestigious competition for this assessment. Indeed its list of winners is consulted as the annual authorised guide to the best extra virgin olive oils.

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