ventajas del aceite de oliva para niños y bebés

Is olive oil for children a good idea?

Extra virgin olive oil is the ideal seasoning for any meal. This is why the Mediterranean diet uses it so much in its preparations. It is not only perfect because of its taste but also because of the considerable benefits of EVOO. But is olive oil especially good for children?

It is clear that as parents we are concerned about the health of our children. This is why we always want to give them the best. The benefits of olive oil for babies and children are so numerous that they make it an essential food for growth.

Olive oil for babies and children; the key to proper development

EVOO is good for everyone thanks to its multiple health benefits; however, the right amount must be taken. Consuming olive oil during pregnancy is also recommendable as it will protect both you and your child.

But exactly what are the benefits of olive oil for children?

  • It encourages the growth of bones. As extra virgin olive oil helps to absorb calcium, it is very important to take it in the early stages of life which is when bones acquire their strength.
  • It provides the necessary energy. The youngest members of the family use up a great deal of energy during the day. EVOO will give them that extra energy through its healthy fats.
  • It stimulates intestinal transit. Olive oil is ideal for children because it helps to reduce constipation if they are prone to it.
  • It helps to form cell membranes. The fatty acids of EVOO are included among the healthy fats and help to generate the membranes of the cells which form the tissues of for example the nervous system.
  • It improves the taste of food. When children are very young vegetables are a vital part of their diet. To get that extra flavour, add premium olive oil to make meals much more attractive.

So if you want your children to grow up fit and healthy, give them olive oil from when they are babies. Moreover, is there anything better than buying olive oil online and cooking with EVOO? Straight from our website to your home!