aceite de oliva durante el embarazo

Is olive oil good for you during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a time in women's lives when their nutrition changes in certain ways. In this sense advice such as consume olive oil during pregnancy has become one of the most recommendable suggestions.

As a mother it is only natural that you are concerned about how your child is developing. Your protection instinct comes to the fore and you only want the best for your future baby. The eating plan for pregnant women becomes of paramount importance.

We already know how beneficial EVOO is to health, but is olive oil during pregnancy just as positive? It certainly is and we will tell you why.

The advantages of extra virgin olive oil for pregnant women

Taking EVOO during pregnancy is highly beneficial to both mother and baby:

  • Extra virgin olive oil contains Vitamin E which is very useful for the development of the nervous system and the connective tissue of the child. On the other hand, this vitamin also has antioxidant properties which are ideal for stimulating muscle growth in both mother and baby.
  • The oleic acid of EVOO is Omega 9 which is essential for the brain and the retina. It is particularly beneficial during the last trimester. Moreover, this substance encourages the mineralisation of bones which makes the absorption of calcium more effective. These antioxidants also care for the skin of both mother and foetus, preventing the appearance of marks or striations in either of them.
  • Moreover, taking extra virgin olive oil is ideal for good circulation and for reducing bad cholesterol. In short, taking olive oil during pregnancy prevents cardiovascular problems and also reduces constipation.

If you are pregnant and want the best protection for both you and your baby, our advice is that you should include olive oil in your diet. You can buy olive oil online at our store. Try Fuenquesada picual olive oil. It's irresistible!