el mejor aceite de oliva virgen extra

Discover the best extra virgin olive oil

To achieve the best extra virgin olive oil, it is important to start by working well in the country. If the basis of the whole production process is the right one, the final result will be one of quality.

The importance of the crop for the best extra virgin olive oil

The soil, the environment, the workers, the tradition… it all helps to achieve a premium EVOO.

The combination of innovation and tradition ensures the perfect production of the best extra virgin olive oil. The incorporation of modern integrated irrigation techniques and fertigation to the most traditional tasks of pruning and the removing of branches produce perfect olives for making gourmet olive oil.

This is what happens on the land of Las Fuentezuelas in Jaén where we grow olive trees to obtain picual olive oil.

The best extra virgin olive oil thanks to the crop

The best olive oil is made from centenary picual olive trees from Las Fuentezuelas, which produce olive oil from Jaén of high quality.

Great importance is attached to factors such as:

  • Gathering the fruit for producing the oil. Early harvesting of the olives from the tops of the trees gives rise to green oil which is known as "liquid gold". Its taste and colour are intense and it is capable of taking you back to your earliest memories. Such are the characteristics of the best extra virgin olive oil.
  • The time of harvesting. Gathering the olives at night guarantees maximum product quality. In this way high temperatures and possible fermentation are avoided, which allows the fruit to be kept in optimum condition until it reaches the factory.

Why to choose good EVOO

This is how we produce Fuenquesada picual extra virgin olive oil. We pay great attention to every detail in the production of EVOO so as to be able to offer a quality gourmet product.

Choosing good olive oil for cooking and for general consumption is highly beneficial to health and to our environment. The benefits of olive oil can help us to improve our organism and at the same time we can enjoy an exquisite product. Try the best extra virgin olive oil: Fuenquesada.