aromas aceite de oliva de jaen

Olive oil from Jaén: what aromas can we discover?

When it is a case of recognising good olive oil the sense of smell plays a vital part. Let us tell you about the positive aromas which you can find in an olive oil from Jaén such as Fuenquesada.

The olfactory capacity of human beings gives us the possibility of detecting food in good condition. Moreover, an aroma is capable of bringing back memories so we can relive certain moments. This is what happens with olive oil.

Identify the smells of an olive oil from Jaén such as Fuenquesada

In order to achieve an olive oil of maximum quality, both the gathering of the oil and its production process must be meticulous. In this way we can maintain its attributes intact including the taste and the smell of olive oil.

If you sample quality Jaén olive oil you will find aromas such as:

  • Olive. Although this may seem obvious, olive oil does not always recall its fruit. A lot depends on the quality as it the case with oil which is not virgin.
  • Tomato. Essential in the picual olive oil It is an unmistakeable green fruity aroma.
  • Apple. It is found in olive oil made from olives which have been gathered at their optimum ripening point. It gives a sweet and pleasant taste.
  • Newly-cut grass. This is the time when the aroma is most intense and reminds us of country smells.
  • Banana. It is a very positive attribute of a quality Jaén olive oil. We can appreciate the aromas of both ripe and green bananas.
  • Artichoke. This nuance is hard to detect; it is very characteristic of a fruity green EVOO and typical of certain specific olive varieties.
  • Nuts. The most characteristic smell is that of almonds, both when it is still green and when it is at its ripest.
  • Fig tree. A highly characteristic aroma which is difficult to detect if you are not very familiar with it.
  • Aromatic plants. Smells of plants such as fennel, mint, basil, thyme, camomile, or rosemary which pervade the earth in which the olive trees grow to provide a delicious aroma.

Discover the tasting notes of our Fuenquesada olive oil from Jaén, a quality EVOO which will bring back your most deeply-rooted family memories. Try it!