curious facts about EVOO

10 curious facts about EVOO which you didn’t know

Perhaps you know about the benefits of olive oil and its main characteristics, but we want to go a step further. Knowing things about olive oil is not the same as getting to know curious facts about EVOO.

Discover these special characteristics of EVOO

Take note of these characteristics which make extra virgin olive oil even more special:

  • AOVE is a healthy kind of fat. Don't just take our word for it; it has been scientifically demonstrated. Consuming extra virgin olive oil helps our organism to work properly.  It can therefore be said that it is one of the healthiest vegetable fats in the world, provided of course it is taken in moderation.
  • Did you know that extra virgin olive oil tasters use blue glasses? They are used to prevent the colour of the oil from influencing the tasters' assessments.
  • The picual olive variety has a higher percentage of oleic acid than any other; this has a direct effect on the oxidation of the EVOO.
  • EVOO is not only used for cooking, for consuming raw, or in salads. Among all vegetable fats EVOO is the best for frying because it does not overheat too much and its composition is unaffected.
  • Spain is the top world producer of EVOO. Jaén in particular has over 60 million olive trees which extend throughout the province. It is not by chance that olive oil from Jaén is so famous.
  • The condition of the olive grove and the harvesting of the olives have a great effect on their quality. At Fuenquesada we collect them at night so as to preserve all the benefits and properties of a gourmet olive oil.

After getting to know these curious facts about EVOO, do you feel tempted to buy olive oil online? With Fuenquesada you will enjoy an intense taste and the passion for things well done.