Nuevo 'packaging' de Fuenquesada 2020, aceite verde y picual

We present new packaging for the 2020/2021 Fuenquesada

The new harvest of Fuenquesada, the olive oil from Jaén which is collected early, is here with a new packaging design for our cases. Don't you feel more inclined to buy some as a gift?

We now have in our hands the second edition of Fuenquesada and it's a wonderful feeling! This second year's harvest means many things to the Quesada family but in particular satisfaction and pride.

We are satisfied with all we have achieved in only a year since the launch of our brand of green or early collection oil. Sometimes it is still hard for us to believe that we have won 4 international prizes awarded by panels of judges from all over the world specialising in olive oil. We are proud because this has brought us closer as a family and gives us of course a stronger link to our origins and roots.

It is only natural that we have wished to reflect all these feelings and emotions in our packaging. Without losing sight of our identity therefore, we have continued to explore clean, simple, and very elegant lines. Moreover, we wanted to stress further the natural essence of our product and our roots.

The most striking novelty of this new packaging is perhaps the cylindrical case for individual bottles. Its stylised shape tells us that it conceals something that is both select and unique. This format is ideal for a carefully chosen gift which will reflect well on you.

Our cases for several bottles have also evolved as is fitting for a brand in its second year on the market. Another important novelty is the larger number of bottles in the smallest packs, because we welcomed any suggestions from the buyers of the first harvest of Fuenquesada and are very grateful to you all!

Apparently this case was too small for a true gourmet olive oil as you always want more of it. As we love listening to you, this is also your doing.

This year life has brought many changes. But some things never change, such as the pleasure of enjoying good olive oil in the company of your family.

2020 has made us aware that Fuenquesada is a gift for us as producers and we believe that this is partly true also for those of you who purchase it or receive it as a present.

Fuenquesada is more than a gourmet olive oil; it is a sensory journey owing to its intense green colour, its aromas so rich in nuances, and its powerful taste. Will you accompany us on this unique trip?