Fuenquesada cosecha 2020/2021, aceite verde picual de Jaén

Fuenquesada’s new 2020 harvest is here!

We introduce you to the new harvest of Fuenquesada, our picual extra virgin olive oil which is collected early as a limited edition, with all its novelties. Don't miss it!

Now we can say that the work of the harvest and production has been completed. During the month of October we collected the olives early, which is necessary to obtain our green oil from Jaén, and extracted their oil immediately afterwards.

The result has been exceptional! We again launch top quality extra virgin oil with an intense green colour and a powerful flavour. We are quite convinced that it will please lovers of the purest olive oil, who had already been won over by our first award-winning edition which gathered 4 international awards.

Fuenquesada has now been bottled and is waiting to be enjoyed all over the world! It is already available at our online shop and also at gourmet establishments and those selling select produce both online and in the street. We are also working to strengthen our international channels so that Fuenquesada can continue to reach different countries!

The 2020/2021 Fuenquesada harvest comes with new packaging. We have changed the design of our boxes for the various formats from the individual packs (which are ideal for gifts) to the large packs for true lovers of our green olive oil.

As could hardly be otherwise, the Quesada family had to be the first to sample this year's harvest. So before taking it to the professional tasters, we gathered together to again find an outstanding picual oil of a magnificent green colour and a distinctive taste.

Both ourselves and the professional tasters agreed that the taste is in keeping with that of the Fuenquesada of 2019/2020, our first harvest. You can consult the tasting notes to get a better idea of the wide range of flavours and aromas which characterise our early collection olive oil.

2020 has been a demanding year during which we have learnt a lot. Among other lessons we have learnt to value the little things in life which make us happy. Sharing with family and friends. Enjoying fine tastes. Giving a present to someone you love.

Many things may have changed this year, but the essence remains and we have wished to retain this at Fuenquesada.

Once again we share with you green oil harvested early at night in a limited edition. The purest picual extra virgin olive oil!

Enjoy it or give it as a gift without delay. You won't regret it!