extra virgin olive oil as a present

Why should you give extra virgin olive oil as a present?

We have got to a stage that when you decide to give a present you realise that the person you want to give it to already has everything. This is why you must be original; what could be better than a gift of premium olive oil?

As well as being a different present, olive oil means love. Love for good products, for what is natural, and love for the person receiving your gift. Let us tell you that he or she will love it and not just because of its originality but also for these 6 reasons.

Reasons for giving olive oil as a gift

  1. Extra virgin olive oil is highly beneficial to health. For example, it can prevent certain diseases thanks to its high oleic acid content; it is good for the digestive system and improves the immunological system, among other advantages.
  2. Who does not need olive oil in their daily life? It is essential for cooking and in many other ways as part of the healthy Mediterranean diet. When you give as a gift a gourmet product such as Fuenquesada olive oil, you also give an experience of emotion and taste.
  3. You help local consumption and family businesses. We thus enhance the value of products obtained naturally which create jobs in Spanish industry.
  4. You can imagine the incalculable value of giving a piece of one of the great treasures of Spain. For extra virgin olive oil to travel and cross borders is a reason that is more than enough for giving it. Spread the news of the aromas of southern Andalusia.
  5. You give a sensory experience. It is not only olive oil for cooking or for drizzling on a tasty piece of toast. It is much more: discovering textures, colours, smells… A gift full of surprises.
  6. You can buy olive oil online. Buying on the Internet is becoming more and more important in the business world. It is that easy to find a quality product such as  Fuenquesada Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Just select the amount you want to give and we do the rest.

When you decide to give extra virgin olive oil as a present, bear in mind that you are not only giving a quality product but also history, health, emotions, and of course happiness! If you doubt it, ask that special person what they felt on sampling Fuenquesada.