Botellas semi introducidas en su caja (Cosecha 2020-2021)

Look at these cases of Fuenquesada oil to give as presents

Forget about conventional gifts and put your faith in this limited edition of extra virgin gourmet olive oil. Discover our olive oil gift cases!

For this 2020/2021 harvest we have changed our packaging. Now the individual cases of Fuenquesada, our green olive oil of the picual variety, are cylindrical in shape. This case of a 500-ml bottle of Fuenquesada is ideal for showing your appreciation of friends or relatives at Christmas. Moreover, you won't have to worry about extra packaging as the case is already gift-wrapped.

Nuevo 'packaging' de Fuenquesada 2020, aceite verde y picual

But what if a bottle of Fuenquesada seems too little to you? In that case, why not buy our gift pack of 3 units of 250 ml? This format is very suitable for preserving gourmet oil in perfect condition if it is only used on certain very special occasions.

Botellas semi introducidas en su caja (Cosecha 2020-2021)

For those who wish to give larger quantities, we suggest our packs of 6 units. An olive oil such as Fuenquesada makes its mark with just one bottle, so imagine more of them!

Fuenquesada is a unique extra virgin olive oil. It is classified as a green or early collection olive oil as it is only made from olives which have not completely ripened.

The colour of Fuenquesada is pure green. Its tastes and aromas are much more intense than those of a conventional olive oil owing to this early selection of olives and our picual olive trees. Here you have an extra virgin olive oil in all its splendour.

Reasons for giving Fuenquesada as a gift

A select product. Each year a team of tasters sample Fuenquesada so as to draw up detailed tasting notes of sensory perception.

Numerous international prizes for the previous harvest. The specialised panels of judges of 4 olive oil quality competitions awarded us two gold medals and two silver medals for the 2019/2020 harvest.

It's from Jaén. You are contributing towards the conservation of the largest olive oil producing area in the world.

It's sent all over Spain. No matter if your loved ones live on the other side of the Peninsula. We send our oil all over the country.

If you are looking for extra virgin olive oil to give as a present, we think you won't go wrong this Christmas. You will have chosen a useful gift and a luxury product from our gastronomy which is a delight to the senses.