We presented the Fuenquesada Extra Virgin Olive Oil at the 2019 Seville OFFF

Find out how our premium extra virgin olive oil, Fuenquesada, was introduced to society with a presentation and sampling session at the 2019 Seville OFFF.

Freshly bottled and with a made to measure packaging designed by the Buenaventura agency, Fuenquesada arrived in Seville to introduce itself in body and soul to those attending the OFFF Festival. This is a pioneering event in Spain which has been bringing together creative minds of the post-digital culture since 2001 at various locations in Spain.

In the 2019 edition of Seville OFFF, which was held between 28th and 30th November, the main theme was the presentation of the design and the gastronomy of Andalusia. Special emphasis was given to the extensive tradition and impeccable appearance of the packaging of the products of this area.

We thought that the sampling-packaging format was a very original way of holding this initial presentation of Fuenquesada to the public. After the habitual round of greetings and a mention of the gathering of picual olives by night in order to produce our oil, the public was finally able to sample our high quality olive oil from Jaén.

If its taste surprised those attending, they were also left open-mouthed by its intense green colour; they found the perfect balance between the taste and the design of the product, our picual extra virgin olive oil.

As the people from the Buenaventura agency commented, we have put our faith in fresh sober packaging which reflects the family tradition. The name of our brand comes from that of the estate, Las Fuentezuelas, and the surname of our family, Quesada. Today we have in our hands the materialisation of a know-how which was initiated in 1850 and has been passed on for generations.

The result is clear; an extra virgin olive oil with a strong personality which has been crafted with loving care. We chatted with some members of the public who were intrigued by the gathering of the olives by night. We explained that there is a good reason for this as it allows the olives to reach the crushing stage without having fermented during their gathering and transport.

If you are an enthusiast of gourmet products and would like to try Fuenquesada, you have several alternatives. You can either buy our extra virgin olive oil at certain physical stores or at our online store. What are you waiting for to sample this olive oil with over a century of history?

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